Antioch, church in the Countryside YMCA - Lebanon OH 45036

IN Sunday


On Sunday, March 4th,  we will have an opportunity to focus on our “In Arrow” as we gather in homes.  Acts 2:46 records the early church gathering weekly “and breaking bread in their homes…”  Therefore, on 3/4, we’ll have church in host homes with the goal of providing an opportunity to taste group life.

Many within Antioch have volunteered to host groups on Sunday, March 4th. If you are already a part of a community group or discipleship group, we would ask that you go with your group. If not, we encourage you to go to the home closest to you or your neighborhood. Either way, check out the map below and click on the home that makes the most sense for your family on “In Sunday”!

If you have any questions at all or need help signing up, please reach out to

South Lebanon (Wallace Home)
(522 Stoney Path Court, South Lebanon, OH 45065, USA)
Shaker Run (Cummings Home)
(2081 Prarie Clover Dr., Lebanon)
Poplar Hill (Ammon Home)
(1220 Holly Forge Drive Lebanon, OH 45036)
Poplar Hill (Allen Home)
(329 Saratoga Ct., Lebanon)
Natalie Lane (Richard Home)
(922 Natalie Lane, Lebanon)
Natalie Lane (Levo Home)
(692 Natalie Lane, Lebanon)
Natalie Lane (Bissman Home)
(1779 Marietta Dr., Lebanon)
Mason-South (Taylor Home)
(6423 Hummingbird Dr, Mason, OH 45040, USA)
Maineville/Clarksville (Newman Home)
(5788 Edwardsville Rd, Clarksville)
Loveland (Hunter Home)
(137 Shingle Oak Dr., Loveland)
Lebanon/Morrow (Koch Home)
(2574 Shawhan Rd., Lebanon)
Lebanon/Morrow (Applegate Home)
(3399 Trovillo Rd., Morrow)
Lebanon-West (Conway Home)
(407 Mcclure Rd., Lebanon)
Lebanon-Northwest (Lipsey Home)
(4343 Hunting Hawk Drive, Lebanon, OH, USA)
Lebanon-North (Schreier Home)
(918 Riley-Wills Rd)
Lebanon-North (Jackson Home)
(5527 Pond View Court, Lebanon, OH, USA)
Lebanon-East (Johnson Home)
(679 S. Waynesville Rd., Oregonia)
Lebanon - Northwest (Cropper Home)
(3183 Hatfield Rd., Lebanon)
Lakeside Landing (Schroder Home)
(429 Lakefront Dr., Lebanon)
Garfield Park (Wick Home)
(1614 Carrol Ct., Lebanon)
Deerfield Rd (Sprague Home)
(534 Deerfield Rd, Lebanon)
Deerfield Rd (Hawley Home)
(454 Deerfield Rd., Lebanon)
Countryside (Harper Home)
(1321 Homestead Dr., Lebanon)