Antioch, church in the Countryside YMCA - Lebanon OH 45036

2 thoughts on “The Gospel of Luke // Luke 24:36-53 // Truth for a New Season // David Newman

  1. To whom it may concern,

    My husband and I are seniors living in Florida. We are in the process of listing our present home and will be relocating to Lebanon to be near our daughter. We have purchased a home in Turtle creek very near Antioch.

    First, we found a church then our home because our faith is our highest priority. We attended the last two Christmas eve services and will be visiting soon. I have been listening to past sermons for the last year as we are transitioning. Please share back sermons. I have already listened to the studies in Palms and all of Luke.

    We are presently members of Edgewater Alliance Church in Florida and are not your average pew warmers but would like to become involved.


    Lana Davey

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