Antioch, church in the Countryside YMCA - Lebanon OH 45036
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Special Events

A few times a year we gather somewhere other than the Countryside YMCA Community Rooms and/or we meet in the evening instead of the morning.  If you are a first time guest or a regular at Antioch, we want you to join us wherever we are meeting for a special event service.   If you have questions, please email


On Sunday, December 3rd, the Countryside YMCA will be using the Community space where we normally gather on Sundays for their swim meet.

We see this as an opportunity to focus on our “In Arrow” as we gather in homes.  Acts 2:46 records the early church gathering weekly “and breaking bread in their homes…”  Therefore, on 12/3 we’ll have church in host homes with the goal of providing an opportunity to taste group life.

Many within Antioch have volunteered to host groups on Sunday, Dec. 3. If you are already a part of a community group or discipleship group, we would ask that you go with your group. If not, we encourage you to go to the home closest to you or your neighborhood. Either way, check out the map here and click on the home that makes the most sense for your family on “In Sunday”!